30 Nov

The Road to Cartagena

FSC Executive Director Diane Duke and FSC Board Chair Jeffrey Douglas will travel to Cartagena, Columbia next week for the ICANN Board of Directors meeting. One of the topics to be discussed at the meeting is the .XXX “sponsored” Top ...

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29 Nov

Pornification: When the Thrill is Gone, What Then?

In an article from the Boston Globe, author Don Aucoin gives some interesting perspectives of the “pornification” of America. As sexual imagery becomes more and more mainstream, what effect is it having on society? And if sexual imagery has become ...

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29 Nov

Homeland Security Shutters more than 70 Torrent Sites

Since last week, Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement division (ICE) has shut down more than 70 file-sharing sites. According to reports, the Department of Homeland Security is seizing sites directly from Internet regulatory body ICANN without citing the Digital Millennium ...

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23 Nov

HIV Infection Risk Lowered by Pill

Researchers announced today that an antirtroviral medication called Truvada, when taken daily, has been shown to reduce the incidence of HIV infection by 73 percent ; the NY Times stated that the pill is effective when taken at least 90 ...

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22 Nov

Illegal Downloading: Ouch! We Touched a Nerve

Usually, we don’t blow our own horn at FSC, but since posting our FSC Anti-Piracy public service announcement videos on YouTube in April, we have received more than 670,000 views and hundreds of comments. Content piracy and copyright infringement are a hot ...

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