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Court Denies FSC Motion for Reconsideration in 2257 Case


On Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Michael Baylson denied a motion for reconsideration in Free Speech Coalition (FSC) v. Eric Holder.



The action follows the judge’s decision in July to throw out the case in which FSC and several other plaintiffs sought to challenge revisions to record-keeping and labeling regulations 18 U.S.C. §§2257 and 2257A.



“Although disappointing, to no one’s great surprise, Federal District Court Judge Baylson denied the Rule 59 (Motion for Reconsideration) filed on behalf of the Free Speech Coalition and the other plaintiffs,” FSC Board President and attorney Jeffrey Douglas said.


“Focus of our distinguished attorneys Michael Murray and Lorraine Baumgartner, now will turn to the appeal to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals,” Douglas added, confirming that an appeals process would be the next step in the case.


“Although the Rule 59 motion was denied, it served the designed purpose of highlighting certain key issues for the appeal. We express great appreciation for his volunteer effort by FSC Board Member and Legal Committee Chair Reed Lee in contributing to the draft of the Rule 59,” he said.


The appeal is required to be filed by the first week of November.





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