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18 Nov

To The Adult Industry, Under A Trump Administration

The adult industry has never been an easy fit for either the political left or the political right. We were the advance troops of the sexual revolution, and are thus the first to take fire under a backlash — whether ...

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27 Apr

Coalition Launched to Fight Anti-Worker Condom Measure

“California law should protect workers from harassment, not sanction it. ” SACRAMENTO — Opponents of a statewide ballot initiative that would allow private citizens to harass and sue adult workers have launched a ballot measure committee to help fight it. The ...

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25 Apr

Siouxsie Q to Join Free Speech Coalition as Director of Policy and Industry Relations

  The Free Speech Coalition is pleased to announce that adult performer, writer, and activist, Siouxsie Q, will join FSC as its newly appointed Director of Policy and Industry Relations. Siouxsie has been working with the Coalition in an ad-hoc ...

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19 Apr

On Utah’s Regressive Anti-Porn Bill

Today, the Utah Legislature passed a noxious bill which calls pornography a ‘public health crisis,’ and links it (erroneously) to everything from sexual dysfunction to violence against women. The claims and the implied proscriptions harken to the dark days before adult film was ...

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18 Apr

FSC Condemns Utah Pride for Regressive Decision to Ban Adult Companies from Pride Events

The following letter was sent Friday afternoon to the Board of Directors of the Utah Pride Center in Salt Lake City, over its decision to ban Utah-based MormonBoyz.com from participating in Pride events this year.      Utah Pride Center ...

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