We are the National Trade Association for the Adult Industry


Our Mission

As the national trade association to the adult entertainment and pleasure products industry, our mission is to lead, protect, and support the growth and well-being of businesses and workers in the adult industry, as well as the communities to which they belong.

Our Vision

FSC’s vision is of a world in which the international adult industry, its workers and businesses, have equal rights, protections, and freedoms under the law; and where all people are protected from exploitation, and empowered by age-appropriate sexual health education.

Code of Ethics

FSC Members adhere to the industry code of ethics that details our industry’s commitments towards our people and those we serve through a responsible, ethical approach to pleasure products and adult entertainment.

Best Practices

FSC provides access to best practices, guidance documents, webinars, a strong peer to peer network, and other resources to support industry newcomers as well as strengthen existing businesses and empower industry workers.


Feel free to contact us with any questions or queries you may have.

Porn Stars Tell Us Why Representation Gets Everyone Off (VICE)

Read the full article by Graham Isador on vice.com Representation in media is important. When people see themselves in stories it opens up their imagination. If a person who looks like you is on screen, then maybe you can do what they're doing. Gradually (very, very...

Calif. Senate Panel Decides to Delay Vote on Amending ‘Pandering’ Law (XBIZ)

Read the full article by Rhett Pardon at xbiz.com SACRAMENTO — California lawmakers sitting on the Senate Committee on Public Safety today were skeptical about the overbreadth of new legislation that would amend the state’s “pandering” law. Introduced by state Sen....

Backpage.com Prosecutors Reveal New Details on Site Shutdown Case (AVN)

Read the full article by Michael French on avn.com Three days after prosecutors in the criminal case against classified ad site Backpage.com revealed that the site’s CEO had copped a plea and was now cooperating with the feds in their case against the Backpage...

SESTA/FOSTA: What It Means for Sex Workers (Slutty Girl Problems)

Read the full article on sluttygirlproblems.com Before FOSTA was even signed into law, changes had already begun. Craigslist completely overhauled their Personals section, and sites like backpage.com were taken down. While ending sex trafficking is extremely...

Switter Gets The Boot From Cloudflare Due To FOSTA Concerns (YNOT)

Read the full article by Gene Zworkin on ynot.com SAN FRANCISCO – In a decision prompted by the recently-passed “Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act” (FOSTA), Cloudflare has terminated services the content deliver network had been providing to Switter, the social media...

AT&T and cable lobby are terrified of a California net neutrality bill (ARS Technica)

Read the full article by Jon Brodkin at arstechnica.com Internet service providers celebrated four months ago when the Federal Communications Commission voted to eliminate nationwide net neutrality rules that prohibit blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization. But...

Production Hold Lifted Immediately – Wednesday, April 17

PASS medical advisors have alerted FSC that the performer’s first-generation PASS contacts have now all returned clear. Because of the earlier-than-expected turn-around in test results, the production hold can be lifted today, rather than Thursday. The PASS database...

Production Hold Expected to Lift Thursday

PASS medical advisors have informed the FSC that they expect the results of the final first-generation PASS performers to be returned Wednesday. As those performers used both condoms and testing on shoots, we anticipate that their results will be clear as well. PASS...

FSC Production Hold Update — Monday, April 16

Over the weekend, PASS medical advisors were able to successfully reach each of the first-generation contacts who had worked with the original performer during the possible period of exposure. Those performers are in the process of retesting, and we should have full...

FSC PASS Production Hold Update — Saturday, April 14

Free Speech Coalition thanks the industry for maintaining the production hold. PASS medical advisors have not yet been able to reach all first-generation partners, and thus we can not yet lift the production hold. The performer participated in traditional shoots that...

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