About The Industry

The adult industry is large, diverse, incredibly varied and has played an important role in the development of our understanding of sexuality and our rights.  

When we talk about the adult industry, we’re talking about a wide array of activities, which can include not only recorded adult entertainment, but also pleasure products manufacturers, brick-and-mortar retailers, distributors, webcam performers, cable providers, sex educators, site developers, agents, lawyers, billing and merchant providers, journalists and many others.

Because the industry is so varied, it can be hard to measure accurately. Estimates vary wildly as to the annual revenue of the adult industry, and we’re suspect of those who claim a firm number. However, it’s safe to say the industry generates billions of dollars in income each year in the United States.

The adult industry is continually evolving, and working to secure rights within, as well as outside of the industry for the workers is one of our organization’s top priorities. We recognize that, especially in the adult entertainment industry, the safety and well-being of adult film performers is of the utmost importance, which is why informed consent, respect of choice and control, and the protection of privacy and identity are non-negotiable tenets of our industry.

Location, Location, Location

The main centers of production for adult video content are Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Southern Florida. However, adult content is produced in all fifty states, and across the globe.


Though piracy and free content have shrunk margins for adult producers, the entertainment portion of the industry has moved aggressively toward live production, such as webcams, niche content and custom clips.

Small Businesses

While big brands may get a lot of the press attention, most producers of adult content are in fact small, performer-owned operations. In today’s industry, performers control the means of production, and share in the profits of their films.


Active Self-Regulation

Performers in the adult industry are regulated by a system called PASS (Performer Availability Screening Services) which tests adult performers for STIs, including HIV, every fourteen days.


The adult industry and its performers are among the most diverse in the world, representing every race, gender, age and body type. We are one of the few industries where women consistently out-earn their male counterparts, and we have been at the forefront of battles for LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, and sex worker rights.


Industry News

The two main trade publications for the adult industry are Xbiz and AVN. There are also many blogs and news sites, and consumer-focused publications like Cybersocket and Penthouse.