Meet the Team

Eric Paul Leue
Executive Director

Eric is a long-time HIV/LGBTQQI activist, HIV Commissioner for LA County, and a staunch advocate for progressive and science-based approaches to sex, sexual health, sexual wellness, and equal rights.

Leue has extensive experience in both nonprofit and for-profit arenas. He has managed sales, budgets and fundraising for multinational corporations, nonprofit organizations and his own successful businesses.

He has been named one of the “Top HIV Advocates of 2015” by HIV Plus magazine, one of the Advocate’s “40 Under 40” that same year, and has been recognized by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for his “Untiring Advocacy” and “Exemplary Service”.

Leue brings with him a holistic approach to the adult industry, bringing together disparate groups in the medical, legal and scientific communities to advocate against moral prejudice and for the rights and equal treatment of adult performers, adult producers and the pleasure product industries.

“I’m honored to lead the Free Speech Coalition, and to build on the success of those who came and fought before me. Censorship comes in many forms, and our most difficult battles today appear in the guise of regulation and market limitations — zoning restrictions and record-keeping regulations, piracy of both films and products, and of course what many think to be our only fight: anti-porn laws and inadequate Cal/OSHA regulation. But make no mistake: these are attacks on our right to free speech and liberty, and will fight and defeat them.”

Mike Stabile
Director of Communications

Mike Stabile is a journalist and documentary filmmaker who has written about and advocated for sex workers and sexual speech for over a decade. His work has been published in a wide range of publications, including the Daily Beast, Salon, Buzzfeed, Playboy and the New York Times. Seed Money, his documentary on pornographer philanthropist Chuck Holmes was named one of the Best Documentaries of 2015 by The Advocate.

Stabile founded Polari Media to help non-traditional communities and businesses better communicate with a mainstream audience. He has handled communications for the Free Speech Coalition since 2013.


Siouxsie Q

Directer of Policy and Industry Relations
Siouxsie got her start in the business dancing at the unionized Lusty Lady Theater in San Francisco, and has worked as a performer in adult films since 2012, garnering two AVN Award Nominations and a Feminist Porn Award. During that time, she has been an unrelenting advocate for the rights of all workers, regardless of their industry.

Siouxsie Q is an author, weekly columnist for SF Weekly, and the creator of The Whorecast, a podcast network showcasing the diverse voices of the adult industry. She has lectured extensively on sex and sex work, and is regularly quoted and featured in the mainstream media, including CNN, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, Wired,Buzzfeed and America with Jorge Ramos. Her first book, Truth, Justice, and the American Whore, was published this year through 3L Media to rave reviews.

“I am excited to join the Free Speech Coalition and to be of direct service to my industry, which I believe is home to some of America’s best and brightest workers, innovators, and thought-leaders,” says Siouxsie. “I am incredibly passionate about advocating for the adult industry as a whole, especially at such a critical time for so many of our issues, like piracy, counterfeit products, censorship, discrimination, and worker harassment.”