Tech blog Ars Technica was kind enough to round up their Top Ten Legal Tech Stories for 2010 and, no surprise, almost half of them dealt with the topic of online copyright infringement. It was a banner year in The Pirate Wars – from Apple losing a DRM skirmish around jail-breaking their iPhone to weapons-of-mass-defendants “John Doe” infringement suits. One story that didn’t make the AT Top Ten, but we thought was worthy of mention, was the Thanksgiving week seizure of more than 80 “rogue” websites by a special division of Homeland Security called the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (or ICE) – proving that Homeland Security can seize a lot more than just your junk at the airport.

Just last week, owner of the seized Torrent-Finder domain told TGDaily that he is currently trying to rebuild his online presence and SEO strategy using a .info domain. That’s the online pirate’s equivalent of patching your sails, hoisting your mizenmast and setting sail in uncharted waters. – jc

(Photo courtesy of Cornell University Library)

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