Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has responded to a call by the Department of Justice (DOJ) for comments on 2257. A letter was sent to the DOJ on Tuesday in order to be ahead of Wednesday’s deadline for comments.

The action follows last week’s victory in the Third Circuit court of appeals, of the most recent 2257 lawsuit filed by FSC and 13 other plaintiffs. Last Monday, FSC received news that the court ruled to reverse the dismissal of the case, allowing the suit to continue in district court.

“Of course we hope that our comments and the comments of others will be taken in to consideration, but history suggests otherwise,” said FSC Executive Director Diane Duke. “That is why FSC was compelled to file suit against the Federal Government on the issue of 2257 and 2257A. Hopefully our recent win will bring us closer to resolution. Special thanks to Reed Lee, Lorraine Baumgardner, Michael Murray and Jeffrey Douglas for their excellent work in drafting our statement.”

The letter details objections to the burdens placed on primary and secondary producers by 2257 and 2257a regulations, which govern age verification record-keeping for adult content producers.

FSC has opposed 2257 regulations since 2005, when the regulations were enacted, and continues to voice opposition on behalf of adult industry producers. Attorneys J. Michael Murray and Lorraine Baumgardner represent FSC and other plaintiffs in the current case filed against the DOJ. The suit, if successful, would strike down the current regulations, which place considerable burdens on producers to be in compliance, and which also presents a danger to the privacy rights of adult performers.

To see a copy of the letter, click here 2012comments-2257A-final

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