Free Speech Coalition (FSC) today issued this response to AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s (AHF) earlier announcement (contained in the press release at this link).

AHF reported that they have submitted 360,000 petition signatures in a continuing effort to mandate the use of condoms on adult production sets in Los Angeles County.

FSC’s response is as follows:

Today AIDS Healthcare Foundation announced that they have gathered 360,000 signatures to put a mandatory condom measure on the LA County ballot for November.  What this announcement really means is that they have spent upwards of two million dollars on paid signature gatherers to get a useless bill in front of LA County voters. It is important that LA County voters understand the real issue behind AHF’s push for this unnecessary ballot measure.

In their press release, AHF stated that “the Measure is modeled on County’s health permit process for tattoo and massage parlors and bathhouses.” The big difference with the adult film industry is that contact with the public occurs through television, computers and smart phones. There is no direct contact with the public so how can this be a public health issue?

A 152-page epidemiological profile on HIV/AIDS was distributed by the LA County in 2010. The sole purpose of the document was to provide guidance to LA County and non-profit organizations on the best use of their resources concerning HIV in LA County.  Nowhere in that report are adult productions even mentioned. The report does identify the Latino population, African Americans, the un-insured, the under-insured and people in poverty, as areas of concern for HIV and targets for HIV resources.  Imagine how many people could have been served with the millions AHF has already wasted on this ballot measure. Imagine how many will go unserved if the County is forced to waste its limited HIV resources on a problem that doesn’t exist.

Since 2008, 6300 new cases of HIV have been reported in LA County.  None of the 6300 cases have occurred on an adult set.  The rigorous testing protocols in place have resulted in a zero onset transmission of HIV for the past 8 years!  One concern raised in the County’s epidemiological profile is the number of people in LA County who are walking around with HIV but are untested. Testing every 28 days, adult performers are the most tested population in LA County.

There are a number of nonprofit organizations that provide excellent education and services for the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately AIDS Healthcare Foundation has lost its service focus and is now in the HIV “business” and will do or say anything to increase their fame and fortune. The County Condom measure is just their next and the latest “business” opportunity.

(Photo: Some rights reserved by Pink Cross Foundation)

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