Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has been called upon by Manwin to administer a fund through which performers may receive a monthly subsidy to help with costs of industry-imposed STI testing.

Called the Performer Subsidy Fund, the program will be available to all active performers who participate in the Adult Production Health & Safety Services ( database, even if they do not perform in a Manwin production.

The action follows a recent policy change for Manwin, requiring performers that work on productions for Manwin brands to increase STI testing to every 14 days, instead of the industry standard 28-day testing. Any performer that tests and is a participant in the APHSS database program can receive a subsidy, even if they test only every 28 days, and do not shoot for any Manwin owned brands.

Manwin Managing Partner Fabian Thylmann said, “This Fund was conceptualized to alleviate some of the expenses, and financial burden, performers may be facing due to occupational testing. We’re grateful the FSC agreed to support this project, and hope others in the industry will back it as well.”

Manwin has agreed to contribute $50,000 monthly to the Performers Subsidy Fund. Other adult production companies, and producers, also are invited to contribute to the cause.

Manwin is providing a separate amount to the FSC, to cover all administration costs of the program.

Performers that are currently participating in the database system will be asked to submit a mailing address in advance of the first round of funding subsidies. The first dispersal of funds is scheduled to take place in early September; performers that wish to receive the September subsidy must be signed up with by August 31.

Performers testing history will be tracked through the database, in order to compile needed information that will determine monthly subsidy dispersal. All funds will be divided equally among performers and performers will be subsidized per test for each test that they have taken in a given month.

Subsidy amounts will vary from month to month according to the number of tests identified in the APHSS database for a given month. Test subsidies will not exceed the average price of an industry-standard performer’s test panel ($120). If there are any surplus funds left after performers receive monthly subsidies, the excess will be put into a separate account that will be reserved for use in the event of an on-set HIV exposure incident. One hundred percent of the funds contributed to the subsidy will be designated to the performers and/or the emergency fund.

“When Manwin called and told me that they wanted to help all performers by subsidizing the cost of test, we were thrilled. They put up the funds and we will implement the program. The program is open for other producers to contribute as well — the more money that comes in, the more we will be able to send to performers,” said FSC Executive Director Diane Duke.

For more information on Free Speech Coalition, or the Performers Subsidy Fund, please contact

(Photo: Some rights reserved by Joseph Parish)

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