Measure B Approval by Voters Ushers in Start of Lengthy Litigation and Implementation Process

In the wake of Measure B’s passage by Los Angeles County voters, the No on Government Waste Committee, a broad coalition of business, entertainment, healthcare, minority and community organizations, announced an effort to stop its implementation through the courts, as well as urged the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to delay implementation pending litigation resolution.

“After being heavily outspent by a well-financed AIDS Healthcare Foundation which poured millions of dollars into passing Measure B, the adult film industry will not just stand by and let it destroy our business,” said Diane Duke, CEO for the Free Speech Coalition, the trade group representing the adult products and entertainment industry. “While the misinformation and outright distortions made by AHF during this campaign may have deceived voters, we believe in the calm, serious deliberations of the legal system we will find that Measure B is in fact unconstitutional.”

In a letter sent to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, the adult film industry outlined its move to challenge Measure B in court, as well as asked for a seat at the table as the county considers how to implement provisions of Measure B.

The industry also announced its intent to begin exploring the entreaties made by neighboring states in facilitating the move of production jobs out of Los Angeles County as quickly as possible.

“While the AIDS Healthcare Foundation has tried to portray any move of jobs outside of LA County as unrealistic, the hard truth of the matter is that is exactly what this industry plans on doing now,” said James Lee, communications director for the No on Government Waste Committee. “The inevitable consequences of Measure B’s passage and AHF’s short-sightedness will be a significant loss of jobs and tax dollars flowing to local governments to fund police, fire protection and public health services.”

According to the No on Government Waste Committee, the campaign was outspent heavily by the Yes on B side, with all of the support coming from a single entity — the AIDS Healthcare Foundation — which waged a relentless two-year campaign attacking the adult film industry to impose a costly and unenforceable government inspection, permitting and enforcement system.

No on Government Waste Committee

The Committee is comprised of entertainment companies, local business organizations, community activists, adult entertainment performers and healthcare advocates who oppose Measure B’s plan for creating an underfunded government inspection program diverting badly needed resources from local community clinics and underserved minority communities. For more information, please visit the campaign website.