Policeman in Hazmat clothing with gieger counterFree Speech Coalition (FSC) Board Chair and attorney Jeffrey Douglas has responded to comments in a recent Los Angeles Times article titled, “Condoms in porn measure won by 14-point margin, final tally says.” In the article, Los Angeles County spokesperson David Sommers is quoted as saying that Measure B will “become effective on December 14.”

To avoid confusion, it should be made clear that the ordinance will become effective on Dec 14, due to the counting of votes having been finalized. However, L.A. County is still without regulations or infrastructure in order to implement enforcement of the new “safer sex” ordinance.

“Despite contrary information disseminated through the media [by AHF/parties opposed to the interests of the adult industry], the mandatory barrier protection initiative, Measure B, cannot be enforced until a regulatory system is created by multiple County agencies,” said Douglas.

“That is to say, no one could comply with Measure B today, no matter how much they wanted to. There cannot be any liability pursuant to Measure B for producers who continue to record images in Los Angeles County under normal circumstances until such time as the regulations are in place,” Douglas added.

The article states that development of an enforcement strategy may take a “considerable” amount of time.