Mara cropped 2The following message of appreciation is to Mara Epstein, industry veteran and longtime member of the FSC Board of Directors. Composed by FSC Board Chair Jeffrey Douglas, this message represents the deep gratitude and appreciation expressed by the entire Board of Directors and staff of FSC. Her contributions helped shape the coalition, and benefited her colleagues and peers in the adult industry during her time at FSC.

Mara is currently Director of Sales for Maia Toys. She continues to be closely involved in fundraising efforts on behalf of FSC.

“On behalf of the Board, and personally, I thank you and honor your 16 years of service as Director of the Free Speech Coalition. Throughout the tumults of work and family, you have been a dedicated advocate and volunteer for this organization, generously providing your invaluable expertise and insight. You have enriched us all.

“Thank you.”

– Jeffrey J. Douglas

Chair, Board of Directors

Free Speech Coalition