The following list includes all candidates for the upcoming 2014 FSC Board of Directors election to be held this month. Only active FSC members may vote in the election; electronic ballots will be sent by online survey service Vertical Response.

FSC members may vote for five seats available in this year’s election, from the field of nine candidates. New nominees include Castle MegaStore’s Mark Franks, Monarchy Distribution’s Michael Kulich, performer Amber Lynn, performer Chanel Preston, Moxxx Productions’ Mo Reese, and ATMLA’s Mark ‘Blazing’ Schechter. Incumbents in the race include Adam & Eve’s Bob Christian, ElDorado Trading Company’s Larry Garland and Evil Angel Productions’ Christian Mann.

If you have questions, or you are an active FSC member and DO NOT receive your electronic ballot by Dec 6, please contact the FSC office at (818) 348-9373 or email The voting period ends on Dec 22.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO VOTE! This is an opportunity for you to choose the members that will represent your industry to legislators, media and the public. Thank you.

In alphabetical order by last name:


BIO – Has been with Adam & Eve/PHE Inc for over 17 years. Currently serves as GM for Adam & Eve Pictures, as well as a member of Adam & Eve’s senior management/marketing team. Was part of the creation of our Adam & Eve Retail Stores company, currently with over 50 franchised stores open, and holds the office of President of the retail stores company – AEFC, Inc..  Served on the FSC Board of Directors 2012-2013, and as Treasurer in 2013.
Prior to Adam & Eve, worked as GM of General Vitamin, one of Phil Harvey’s non-adult businesses.  Proud of graduating from both Duke University and from the University of North Carolina (MBA) – especially proud during Basketball season (and even football season this year!)

“I would like to be on the FSC Board of Directors because…”

… the Free Speech Coalition is doing important things for the entire adult industry, and I would like to continue to contribute to that work, as best I can, on behalf of both Adam & Eve and myself. FSC’s role with the PASS testing program, fighting for improvement or elimination of the 2257 regulations, combating the City, County and CA state-wide versions and impacts of “Measure B”, and developing meaningful programs to serve the Retailer, Manufacturer, Pleasure Products, Talent and other parts of the industry and the FSC membership – these initiatives all continue. I would like to help FSC continue to improve for all its members.


BIO – Mark Franks is the president and CEO of Castle Megastore Group Inc., a 16 store multi-state retail operation headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. With more than 26 years of experience in the adult industry, Mr. Franks has been a market leader in video production and distribution in the United States and abroad. He also co-founded, built and operated a toy manufacturing facility with global distribution. Mr. Franks has owned and operated a mail-order business, chain retail stores, show clubs and video distribution in Australia. He is well known in U.S., Australia, and Europe for his aggressive prosecution of copyright infringement.

Mr. Franks took over leadership of Castle Megastore Group Inc. in 2003 and has been the driving force behind the revitalization of the Castle brand, turning it into a powerhouse in erotic retail.

“I would like to be on the FSC Board of Directors because…”

I have always been a hardcore believer in free speech and the first amendment. I began my career in the Adult business back in the 80’s; things were quite different than they are today, huge government raids on the video production companies, and aggressive prosecutors sending fear and havoc throughout the Adult industry. Adult companies had to pay close attention to the political landscape and had to have deep pockets to pay for their legal advice. The video pirates were harder to track because their sales were done through mail or directly to stores and distributors.

During those times my companies made more than 1200 feature titles, sold worldwide and ran legal prosecutions worldwide, and we won every case (I have extensive experience in legal matters of all kinds, having run millions of dollars in legal cases worldwide). Now we have a lot more pirates operating who are much more visible because of the internet. That is just a small part of the adult businesses’ challenges in 2014 and going forward.

Most of the zoning for adult stores was written in the 1980’s or earlier representing a different time and adult industry. We have matured as an industry and the regulations lag far behind the business practices of the Adult industry as a whole. We have become much more mainstream and now mainstream has gotten into our industry.

Today DVDs represent less than 10% of adult retail business. I want to become a Free Speech Board Member because I understand the history of where we have come from and also where we need to go as an industry to continue our success. My extensive business experience and leadership in all aspects of the adult industry for more than 25 years makes me well qualified.

Please consider me for your vote.

Thank you,

Mark A Franks


BIO – As an entrepreneur and 37-year business veteran, CEO and founder Larry Garland is an invaluable asset to Eldorado Trading Company. Over the years Eldorado has become one of the top international distributors in the adult novelty business offering over 15,000 best selling SKUs throughout the world.

Garland sticks to the basics and follows the simple, guiding principle he used to transform a homespun basement business into an international pleasure products dynamo: “making sure customers get what they want in salable condition, on time, and at a fair price.” In addition to heading up Eldorado since 1974, Garland is a board member of the Free Speech Coalition, as well as an active and vocal advocate for his local community. For the last several years, Eldorado has held fundraisers and food drives for the Community Food Share program, helping put Thanksgiving dinner on the table for thousands of Colorado families in need.

“I would like to be on the FSC Board of Directors because…”

I hope to make a positive impact for the industry.


BIO – Mike Kulich entered the Adult Industry at the age of 18 as a sales rep for IVD, the world’s largest adult DVD distributor. He spent 4 years selling DVD’s from virtually every studio in the industry and building relationships with stores, as well as the production companies themselves. In 2008, Kulich left IVD to help start DVD Makers, Inc. which eventually became one of the premiere DVD replication companies servicing over 60% of the adult industry. In 2010, DVD Makers acquired L&M Optical Disc West and became DVD Factory. Kulich remained a consultant for DVD Factory and set out to start his own company; Monarchy Distribution, which aims at connecting Talent, Independent smaller producers, and internet companies with traditional DVD & Broadcast Distribution. Monarchy now boasts 15 different studios and has released over 600 titles. During his tenure in adult, Kulich has dabbled in a number of different projects encompassing the entire spectrum of the Adult Entertainment business maintaining close relationships with the majority of the studios, talent, novelty, and other industry professionals.

“I would like to be on the FSC Board of Directors because…”

I would like to be elected to the FSC Board because I have made the adult industry my life every since I walked into the doors at IVD. I love this business and I feel I can bring alot to the table. I am networked with everyone from talent to the novelty companies to the top studio owners. I feel that these relationships will enable me to help address problems and issues everyone might have.


BIO – An adult superstar since the ‘80s, Amber Lynn (real name Laura Lynn Allen) is symbolic of a California born-and-bred, rockin’ wild child – blonde, bold and smokin’ hot.

Amber and Ginger were sometimes referred to as “the Lynn sisters.” due to the fact in real life they actually possess the exact same middle and last names. But the mark Amber would leave on the hearts of XXX fans, far and wide, would be indescribably her own.

Amber’s career is long and distinguished. She was already a bikini and figure model and involved in the raucous Sunset Strip club scene when she met Althea Flynt, the wife of iconic pornographer and Hustler founder Larry Flynt, and famed Hustler photographer Clive Mclean. Starting out in photo spreads for Hustler, Chic and Penthouse, Playboy, High Society and Club, Amber’s 1983 film debut is titled “Personal Touch III,” directed by Bobby Hollander.

After a few years in the movies, Amber then succeeded as one of the most famous feature dancers on the gentlemen’s club circuit and opened the doorway for adult performers to become headliners in cities all over the world. A hiatus from film work in the late 80’s saw her earning up to $25,000 a week in clubs from coast-to-coast and throughout Canada, performing to sell out crowds.

She has also survived tragedies and turbulent times. While many close friends and co-workers were affected by the scandal surrounding underage performer Traci Lords, Amber avoided involvement in the now-notorious circumstances. However, the suicide of fellow performer and friend Shauna Grant was the catalyst for a break from the adult industry in the late ‘80s. And like so many celebrities of the time, Lynn found herself involved in substance abuse. The limelight dimmed for a period, before Lynn entered rehab in 1999, and successfully put those issues to rest once and for all.

Amber also has the unique distinction of being the actual younger sister of another well-known male performer Buck Adams. Sadly, Adams died of heart failure in 2008.

Male performer and ‘70s icon Jamie Gillis had a onetime relationship with Amber after they met on the set of her second movie. Gillis passed away in 2010 after a short bout with cancer.

Clean and sober since 2000 Amber is a member of the AVN Hall of Fame, and the recipient of The FSC Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as Hot D’or Lifetime Achievement Award, and countless others.

Her most notable charity work in 1992, to benefit the Youth AIDS Foundation of Los Angeles set a new standard for acceptability of adult performers by the public and marked a first for nonprofit charities accepting contributions from the adult industry. At times when she has stepped away from her adult career, Amber has been a sober counselor working with world renowned interventionists on extremely high level cases, as well as a real estate broker.

Most recently, Amber was vocal in her opposition to the Los Angeles “Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry” initiative, or Measure B – an initiative to mandate condom and barrier protection use in adult films in L.A. County. Though she has been a “condom-only” performer throughout the latter part of her career, Amber r performed a non-condom scene with U.K.-based performer Keiran Lee. The scene was meant, in part, to show her support for performer’s choice in regards to condom use, as well as support for industry self-regulation through frequent performer STI testing. Her newest ‘record breaking’ listenership success, of her weekly Friday radio show on, has her relaunching an entirely new dimension to her career, and placing her back in the A-game in the hearts of fans of XXX once again.

Loyal fans have followed Amber for nearly 30 years and she remains one of the most recognizable names in the adult industry.

“I would like to be on the FSC Board of Directors because…”

Although I have been intimately involved with the Adult Entertainment Industry for over 30 years, it initially took the imposing impact of Measure B for me to realize just how little my performances have really mattered until I became active in the fight to defeat the constricting “condom-nation” of what I had essentially been taking for granted.

To that extent—with my passion to repay the business that has allowed me to become a formidable presence in the minds of millions of fans , and to protect my own right of personal choice and freedom regarding my right to choose how portray my sexuality in my movies to my fans, not just for myself but for our entire industry- I am humbly seeking to serve on The Free Speech Coalition’s Board of Directors.

With my on-going opportunities to deal with the public as an actress, performer in adult clubs, and most currently with the hundreds of thousands of loyal listeners weekly in my fanbase due to the success of my radio show,, I can provide a unique conduit between the public, the FSC, and the industry, and in the process keep the organization abreast of what those who economically support our industry are looking for as well as what they are afraid of losing, and provide a forum for discussing these issues.

And as an experienced adult actress of  30 plus years in the game, I would be honored to provide leadership within the talent circle, creating a series of meetings wherein the actors and actresses can express what they are looking for as well as what they are afraid of losing, and create an FSC corner on my XXXPornstarradio show to keep talent, public and industry updated on whats currently occurring  within the industry on an ongoing basis, and especially in times of urgency.


BIO – A 34 year veteran of the adult business, Christian Mann has worked in various capacities including magazine publication, mail-order, production, sales and marketing. As owner of Video Team, he pioneered niche marketing with the popular all-girl series “No Man’s Land” and the urban series “My Baby Got Back.”

Christian is no stranger to the challenges faced by Free Speech Coalition members trying to earn a livelihood marketing adult products for adult consumers. He was federally indicted in 1989, withstood an obscenity trial in Texas in defense of the 1st Amendment, and was eventually acquitted of all charges. 20 years later, as Evil Angel’s General Manager, Christian assisted the legal team in John Stagliano’s successful obscenity defense in Washington the summer of 2010.

Today, Christian Mann focuses his attention on Evil Angel’s marketing and brand position with an emphasis on both subscriber and advertiser funded new media.

Christian currently serves on the FSC Board of Directors as he did once before in the mid 1990’s. In this capacity Christian was instrumental in launching FSC’s Performer Availability Screening Services (PASS) initiative in the wake of the closure of AIM.

Christian is the recipient of AVN’s 1st Amendment Defense Award in 1991, the Free Speech Coalition “Good Guy Award” in 2000 and most recently has been inducted in the “AVN Hall of Fame – Founder’s Branch” in 2010.

“I would like to be on the FSC Board of Directors because…”

I want to be on the FSC Board of Directors in order to continue the work we’ve done with PASS and to see it used by the performers, agencies and studios as the resource it was designed to be. I remain committed to the idea that nothing is as effective in informing and protecting the performers, even in an environment where regulations, HIPPA laws, CalOSHA and politically motivated third parties make the task seem like an impossible challenge. I know that as an industry, we can rise above our differences and work together for the good of all concerned.


BIO – Chanel Preston has quickly grabbed the attention of industry leaders and captured the hearts of fans across the globe in her three short years in the business. The stunning, funny, 27-year-old beauty boasts an impulsive, adventuresome personality, cultivated from the strength and independence derived from a childhood in central Alaska, along with her years on the beaches of Hawaii – which, when combined, makes her a natural performer, eager to amaze. From her debut in Vivid Entertainment’s “Brand New Faces” series, the 5’8” long-legged stunner rose quickly to fame, securing her position in the industry as a strong, professional, ethical performer. Chanel’s celebrated scenes and immense exposure earned her Best New Starlet awards from XBIZ, XCritic, NightMoves, CAVR, XRCO, and The Galaxy Awards – in fact, XRCO designated Chanel as the “Heart-On Girl” for its 2010 awards ceremony, before a single scene of hers had been released to the public. The Penthouse Pet and 2011 NightMoves Best Female Performer winner was also named part of CNBC’s “Dirty Dozen” two years in a row, in 2012 and 2013. Chanel’s crossover appeal was evident when she secured the position of host and face for “Inside Adult,” X3Sixty’s cable entertainment program, dubbed the “Entertainment Tonight” of the adult industry. “Inside Adult,” now in its second season, broadcasts to over 20 million homes via On-Demand networks. Chanel, who hosted the 2013 AVN Awards Red Carpet, was recently named a host of the 2014 AVN Awards Show, broadcast internationally on the Showtime Network – this gorgeous personality has only just begun to make her strong, feminist mark upon the world. For more information, visit or

“I would like to be on the FSC Board of Directors because…”

I want to be an FSC Board member because I want to be representation for adult performers in the industry. Decisions made by FSC directly effect performers and it’s important that they have an accurate voice in current and future matters. Currently, there are not many resources for performers to get information on what’s happening in their industry and they are so often informed by skewed sources. I want to be a part of FSC so I can gain more knowledge for myself as well as for others in order to make this industry a more safe and more respected place to work.


BIO – Mo Reese is an adult content producer and photographer with an extensive and rich professional mainstream background. Mo, as he’s most commonly known, was born and raised in Oregon State. He moved to Los Angeles after graduating from the Art Institute of Seattle in 1997. He then worked in commercial photography for eight years before actively making the transition to adult.

Mo has since worked in a variety of production capacities for several noteworthy studios – as a Director, Producer, and General Manager for Madness Pictures; as a Production Manager for Adam & Eve; and as a Production Assistant/Wardrobe Stylist for Wicked Pictures (among many others). Ever invested in the entire creative process, Mo has directed, edited, and performed in several award-nominated POV titles including Latin Mouth Club, Asian Mouth Club 5, 6, and 7. And, though his skill set has diversified, Mo’s passion for photography has not fallen by the wayside – he has continued his work with the camera, shooting some of the industry’s top performers and hottest rising stars.

Fueled by his love of porn and politics, Mo is a vocal activist for adult industry rights and welfare. He maintains: “I’m an average guy – I don’t have fame, I don’t run a big company, and I don’t have a political agenda. But I have built many close personal and business relationships over the years. I’m passionate about what I do, and I’m committed to helping make the industry better for all its workers.”

Mo Reese, Twitter: @MOXXX

“I would like to be on the FSC Board of Directors because…”

We’ve all heard the saying “knowledge is power” – it brings about awareness and, occasionally, community development. But in terms of politics and policy, it often seems like the general population of any group is the last to know… and sometimes the last to care. I want to address the issue of industry awareness via a seat on the FSC Board of Directors. And I’ve already started working on it.

Using social media, I helped keep topics like Measure B and AB332 in front of our industry’s general population and the people it affected most – performers and producers. I traveled to Sacramento in April 2013 alongside FSC members and industry leaders to help fight AB332. I called attention to proposed policy inconsistencies existing between AB332 (condoms in porn) and AB999 (condoms in prisons), asking why some groups would support condoms in porn and not condoms in prisons. This inspired a story written by Susan Abram for the LA Daily News and an about-face from anti-industry activists.

I have a broad professional skill set, but I don’t specialize in any one thing. I talk about industry-relevant information with people throughout our community, but I don’t speak for anyone but myself. At the same time, however, my experiences relate directly to the experiences of a large proportion of the industry. I’m running for a seat on the FSC’s Board of Directors in hopes of adding an “everyperson” voice dedicated to improving the adult industry community.

As a member of the FSC Board of Directors, I hope to bring a more “average citizen’s” point of view to our trade organization. I feel this type of “daily life” perspective would be beneficial in at least two ways. First, I am closely connected to relatively typical “life and work in porn” experiences. Conversations about issues impacting our community could benefit immensely from this sort of familiarity. Second, my involvement will provide FSC with an additional way to connect with members of the industry. Ideally, this will make the organization feel more accessible to the entire adult community and will foster increased performer awareness.

Ultimately, I am running for a seat on the FSC’s Board of Directors because I want to actively work toward bringing members of our industry closer together. This way, we can take on the challenges we collectively face.


BIO – Owner, ATMLA (Adult Talent Managers Los Angeles); 55 years old, married with five children, two grandchildren.  Has been in the adult industry for 15+ years (since 1998).  Areas of involvement include affiliate marketing, content production, sales, publishing and distribution all in association with being part owner of award-winning affiliate program Blazingbucks. I also have extensive experience working with porn star models, having built and managed high profile porn star model sites, and now as an agent owner of ATMLA, Adult Talent Managers.

“I would like to be on the FSC Board of Directors because…”

With my well rounded array of knowledge and experience in the industry, having worked in several different aspects for a number of years, I feel I am a strong candidate for a position on the Board of Directors for the FSC and if elected, I feel I would be a positive contributor and participant of decision making policy’s and events that involve our industry.

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