Free Speech Coalition proudly announces the recipients of the 2016 FSC Awards, which recognizes industry professionals and businesses for excellence in business standards and representing a pro-adult image through advocacy and actions. After deliberation, FSC Board of Directors members determine award recipients.

2016 recipients are as follows:

Legacy Award – Kelly Holland

The Legacy Award is given to an individual who, through innovative ideas and successful business practices, has built a solid presence in the adult entertainment industry.  Furthermore, this individual has gone above and beyond to not only protect the rights and freedoms of individuals and businesses within the industry, but also to improve the stature of the industry as a whole. This award is called the Legacy Award rather than a lifetime achievement award because while the individual has done much to build an outstanding legacy, FSC knows that this individual’s great contributions are far from over.

Performer of the Year AwardEla Darling

This positive image award goes to industry performers who have gone out of their way to dispel the myths and misconceptions of the adult entertainment industry through advocacy, public awareness programs and community service.

Woman, and Man of the Year – Susan Colvin, Steve Orenstein

The Man and Woman of the Year awards go to individuals who have displayed exceptional leadership qualities both within their own business, and throughout the industry. While the recipient of this award is clearly a successful business professional, the individual who is awarded FSC’s Man or Woman of the Year has made a significant positive contribution to the overall welfare of the adult entertainment industry.

Pleasure Products Company of the Year – The Screaming O

Retailer of the Year – Good Vibrations

Production Company of the Year – Mile High Media

Internet Company of the Year –

The companies that receive these Awards of the Year have demonstrated constant and unwavering innovation and excellence. Their company success not only benefits their individual businesses but also the industry as a whole. In addition to their creative innovation, these companies conduct business with high ethical standards and integrity.

Christian Mann Courage and Leadership Award – FSC Staff, including Diane Duke, Joanne Cachapero and Julie X

The Christian Mann Courage and Leadership Award is given to a member(s) of the adult entertainment or pleasure products community who has shown exemplary courage and leadership in standing up and fighting for the rights and image of the industry. This award is not automatically given annually — only when warranted by great works — that would honor our great friend, Christian Mann.

Leadership Award – Frank & Michael Kaye

The Leadership Award is presented to the adult entertainment industry business or individual that demonstrates excellence in the adult entertainment industry in leading by example. This award can be given for community service, activism, creating a positive and outstanding work environment, innovations and other qualities that lift the business or individual above the rest.

Congratulations to our honored 2016 recipients.

The FSC Awards presentation is scheduled for Friday, January 15, at 12pm, at the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood, CA – site of the FSC Summit and XBIZ 2016 shows. Active FSC members and show attendees are invited to attend the presentation. If you would like more information on the FSC Awards, please contact