As many of you know, we have a tough fight ahead of us this year. We are battling on two separate fronts: the untenable Cal/OSHA regulations, and the dangerous Weinstein Adult Film Initiative.  As Board Chair Jeffrey Douglas put it at AVN, “the adult industry is facing the greatest threat to its existence since the Nixon administration.”

Luckily, we are no longer fighting these battles alone. While the battles over Measure B, and AB1576 have been draining for the industry, they have also allowed us to cement key partnerships. Great organizations like the ACLU, SFAF, the LA LGBT Center, APLA, Chicago AIDS Foundation, GMHC, and countless others have spoken out against the dangers of these regulatory and legislative efforts. Even esteemed public bodies such as the LA County Commission on HIV, on which I serve, voted to oppose the proposed Cal/OSHA regulation. It’s my goal as Executive Director to grow these alliances, and make the Free Speech Coalition part of an even broader movement that encompasses, supports, and defends the entire Adult Pleasure Industry. Our greatest strength will always be to stand united as performers, producers, adult products manufacturers, retail stores, talent agencies, law firms and distributors.

On February 18th in Oakland, Cal/OSHA will vote on regulations that will require mandatory condoms for oral as well as vaginal and anal, goggles to protect the eyes, and latex sheets for oral sex such as rimming. Fines will range up to $25K per violation.

We will be at that vote armed with doctors,  advocates, and STI experts, but we need our producers and performers to show up en masse if we expect to defeat it and uphold personal- and medical privacy. As the Free Speech Coalition, we can and must defend ourselves, but we will only succeed if we are able to do it together.

For more information on travelling to Oakland, or to find out how you can help, contact

Eric Paul Leue
Executive Director, Free Speech Coalition