OAKLAND, CA — The Cal/OSHA Board voted not to approve regulations which would mandate condoms and other protective barriers, including latex dental dams and eye protection, for performers on adult film sets. Nearly one hundred adult performers spoke at the hearing against the proposed regulations, along with producers, doctors, and STI specialist

Eric Paul Leue, Executive Director of the Free Speech Coalition released this statement.

“These regulations were based in stigma rather than science, and would have severely hurt adult performers. This shows what can happen when producers and performers unite. We look forward to working with Cal/OSHA on sensible regulation that respects performers choices.

Now we face a larger battle, against a statewide ballot initiative which would seek to replicate and amplify the worst parts of the regulations. In fact, the ballot initiative, allows private citizens to sue adult performers who do not use condoms, and would drive a legal industry underground where performers would be less safe. This idea — that private citizens can sue adult performers because of actions they disapprove of is outrageous, and would not be permitted in any other sector of our society. We will fight this, and this too, we will win.”