LOS ANGELES — The Free Speech Coalition is moving quickly to fight a Utah bill that would allow private citizens to sue adult film producers for damages based related to merely viewing their films.

The Utah legislature is hoping to pass S.B. 185, “Cause of Action for Minors Injured by Pornography,” this week, only a short time after the bill was introduced. Under the law, any guardian of a minor that can claim damages from adult content, and sue the original producer, no matter where or how they came to view the material.

The bill opens up adult producers to potentially thousands of frivolous harassment lawsuits. Sen. Todd Weiler, who introduced the bill, cites the state’s noxious, anti-science “porn as public health crisis” declaration as justification.

The Free Speech Coalition is working with Utah based civil rights advocates to fight the legislation, lobbying legislators to educate them about the industry, and preparing the groundwork for possible court challenges should it pass.

Our letter to Sen. Weiler and other members of the Utah legislature can be found here.

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