LOS ANGELES — The Free Speech Coalition thanks Utah’s Salt Lake County Health Department for an epic April Fool’s Day prank in which the Department offered a supposed vaccine for “pornography addiction.” In a series of three now-deleted tweets, the SLCHD wrote that the new injectable treatment that will attack “porn bacteriophages”

While not supported by medical science, the concept of “pornography addiction” has been central to a Utah resolution last year proclaiming internet pornography a “public health crisis.” This past March, the state legislature drew on that resolution to pass a law allowing private citizens to sue porn producers for alleged damages from viewing pornography.

In one ad, the Department claims the vaccine has been in development since April 2016, when the original resolution was signed by the Governor.

Eric Paul Leue, Executive Director of the Free Speech Coalition, applauded the work of the Salt Lake County Health Department.

“No reputable, science-based public health organization has labeled pornography a public health crisis. Not the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, the American Medical Association, nor the Utah Department of Public Health or any other state health department.

“The true public health crisis is the lack of adequate, science-based sexual health education in United States, perpetuated by socially conservative politicians like these for over 35 years. We congratulate and thank the SLC Health Department for highlighting the inanity of this toxic, anti-science legislation.”

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