We applaud the Board of Supervisors decision to move the proposed public hearing regarding a vote on permit fees to the August meeting. Despite our attempt to engage the Department of Public Health over the upcoming permitting months ago, the industry and its workers were given no opportunity to give feedback over the proposed permit fees, inspections or structure. In fact, we were not made aware until the agenda was released last week that these items would even be considered. Time and time again, we’ve seen that AHF-backed policies systematically exclude the very workers it would affect from the discussion. This has to stop.

On Monday, FSC sent the following letter to the Board of Supervisors, expressing our concern and frustration over the clandestine nature of this process. Public health policy should not be considered in secret, nor should stakeholders be blocked from participating. Thanks to the letter, and the numerous phone calls and emails from performers, the Board moved this important vote to better allow performers, producers, agencies and health experts to be heard.

We thank all industry members that reacted to our Action Alert and were present at the meeting, ready to give comment.