The Free Speech Coalition has been informed two confirmed cases of syphilis by adult performers in Eastern Europe. Unlike shoots in the US and Canada, shoots in Europe use a variety of testing protocols, and do not always participate in the PASS database. However, as US-based performers increasingly travel for work in Europe, and we believe a small number of performers may have a risk of exposure. Out of an abundance of caution, we are treating this incident as a possible risk to the performer pool in the US.

Starting late last week, FSC worked with US-based talent agencies and production companies in Europe to identify and contact performers who are working or may have recently worked in Europe.

None of the performers believed to have been at risk for exposure currently have active tests in the PASS system, meaning that regardless of any exposure, each will require a retest before being cleared to work again in the United States. FSC has also identified several performers who had recently travelled to Europe, and who have since tested negative.

FSC is working with industry testing centers, including Cutting Edge Testing and Talent Testing Service, to monitor the situation and quickly detect if we see any increased risk to the North American performer pool.

We do not believe there is any significant threat to the performer pool in the US. However, we are encouraging any performer who has recently been to Europe be tested again for syphilis, regardless of when their next PASS test is scheduled. We also recommend that anyone who may have had sexual contact, on or off-set, with a performer who has recently travelled to Europe be tested again.

Syphilis can be transmitted through sexual contact, including skin-to-skin contact, even in the presence of a condom. It is easily treatable with antibiotics. The industry testing protocol (PASS) requires bi-weekly testing for seven possible STIs, including a Syphilis TrepSure test which detects infection within fourteen days.