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For those new to the industry, mainstream media attention can seem like a fast-track to fame and success in an increasingly competitive market.

A mention on Buzzfeed, Maxim or Howard Stern can translate into new fans, increased members or followers, and a chance to become a household name. The next Vivid! The next Mia Khalifa! The next Sybian!

But if you’ve worked in this industry for any time at all, you know that media attention can be a mixed blessing.

Over the past few months, numerous producers and performers have come forward to talk about the negative effects of being featured on “Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On,” a new Netflix docuseries.

The Free Speech Coalition took aggressive action against “Hot Girls Wanted” and helped bring performers’ stories to light in the media. We produced informational videos for the media, set out a media advisory and put producers on notice that we not only know our rights, we’re unafraid to speak out when they’re violated.

Along the way, we heard from dozens of performers who detailed negative or unethical treatment by the media. Some of that stems from ignorance — the media doesn’t always know, for example, what a serious issue privacy is for adult performers. Other times, it’s rooted in stigma and moralism about what we do as an industry.

Your media experience should be like your on-set experience — enjoyable, consensual, informed and negotiated in writing beforehand.


Eric Paul Leue is FSC’s Executive Director.