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Recently Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had a tweetstorm about what Twitter is doing to keep its users safe. As we discovered this included hiding adult content in search unless your settings have been adjusted properly, thus leading many people to believe that they had been shadow banned by Twitter. This week, Twitter has announced the rollout schedule for the upcoming safety policy changes and what exactly those mean. And by exactly, I mean they gave a vague and confusing description.

Safety Updates

Twitter has decided to address the following topics in their upcoming safety update:

*Non-consensual nudity

*Unwanted sexual advances

*Hate symbols and imagery

*Violent groups

*Tweets that glorify violence

All of this sounds fine but what do they really mean by non-consensual nudity? All of us in adult are in full support of consensual nudity. That goes without saying, however, they are making a move to lump consensual content in with non-consensual content.

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