Over the next several months, the University of Miami will be working on a national study of erectile dysfunction and the use of erectile dysfunction treatments. Last month, researchers approached FSC about working with the organization to reach possible participants in the performer community who may have experiences with erectile dysfunction (ED), or treatments for it.

The study consists of a short, two page survey in which participants answer questions about their own experiences with ED and their use of treatments for ED. The survey is entirely voluntary and anonymous, and has been reviewed and approved by the University of Miami Institutional Review Board, which reviews academic studies to make sure they are in compliance with federal, state, and local legal and ethical standards. Performer participation in the study is limited to the survey.

“We’re glad to be able to work with the University on this study as part of our commitment to greater performer health,” said Eric Paul Leue, Executive Director of FSC. “The anonymous data collected in the study will help contribute to a better understanding of ED and ED treatments, which could one day help performers and others make more informed decisions about their health.”

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