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A new report by researchers at the University of California, Riverside; Syracuse University; and the University of Iowa, titled, “Measuring and Disrupting Anti-Ad Blockers Using Differential Execution Analysis,” is shedding light on the often-secretive measures taken by top websites to thwart ad blocking software installed on consumers’ computers.

The rise in ad blocking is one of 2017’s top concerns for online advertisers and publishers, and a trend that is certain to continue into the future, putting action plans on the front burner for 2018 and beyond, as today’s e-commerce ecosystem struggles to regain revenue lost to ad blockers.

According to the report, while millions of people use adblockers to remove intrusive and malicious ads as well as to protect themselves against tracking and pervasive surveillance, online publishers consider adblockers a major threat to the ad-powered “free” web.

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