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No disrespect to the fact-checkers and truth-tellers. The daily toil of journalists, activists, and opposition politicians—those defending our democracy and sanity against Trump’s incessant onslaught of bullshit— are doing methodical and important work. We need them to continue exposing this guy’s endless miles of lies, even after the odometer turns over.

But that alone won’t stop Trump’s relentless advance. It’ll barely slow his roll.

That’s why Stormy Daniels’ voice is suddenly so important. She’s playing a hurry-up offense that has put Trump on his heels. The White House and its traveling circus of Trump surrogates are now forced to deny and defend. The president’s lawyer, meanwhile, has tried to shield Trump behind hush money payments and a restraining order.

The whole affair has Trump off balance. He’s not in control of the events or the media narrative, and he can’t get Melania to ride in the limo with him anymore. It’s not a good look for a president who postures as the big bossman.

Stormy is out-trumping Trump. And it’s a beautiful thing to watch.

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