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The AVN convention floor must be one of the most chaotic places in the world—porn stars, cam girls and fetish models all surrounded by thousands of palpitating fans trying to get just a little closer. But many stories above, on the fourteenth floor of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, there’s the relaxed, playful vibe of a slumber party: A blonde in sweatpants gets her “big hair” blown out; a woman glides out of the massage room, smelling faintly of scented oil with a serene expression on her face; a few more ladies cluster around a table piled with tiny sandwiches, petite salads and pink-frosted cupcakes.

Every year, in collaboration with AVN, The Cupcake Girls host a fully-stocked suite for performers. There, they can get free hairstyling, makeup or massages, as well as whatever else they might need, whether it’s a spot to kick off the stilettos and check email or a referral for a dentist to look at their kids teeth.

Vegas Seven spoke to Joy Hoover, founder of The Cupcake Girls, and cam girl Ela Darling, who utilizes their services, about how the nonprofit works with the sex industry.