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SAN FRANCISCO – In a decision prompted by the recently-passed “Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act” (FOSTA), Cloudflare has terminated services the content deliver network had been providing to Switter, the social media site designed to offer a sex worker-friendly alternative to Twitter and other mainstream social media platforms.

According to Assembly Four, the group which developed Switter, they received an email from Cloudflare’s legal department informing them of the termination.

“Cloudflare has been made aware that your site is in violation of our published Terms of Service,” the email stated. “Pursuant to our published policy, Cloudflare will terminate service to your website. Cloudflare will terminate your service for switter{.}at by disabling our authoritative DNS.”

Cloudflare’s general counsel, Doug Kramer, has since confirmed to Motherboard that terminating service to Switter was “related to our attempts to understand FOSTA,” referring to the statute as “a very bad law and a very dangerous precedent.”