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As reported on Wednesday, the video game “app store” Steam and its parent company Valve last week threatened to delete four anime-style games due to their allegedly pornographic content—only to back down after the weekend, allowing the games to remain available on the Steam platform.

“This sudden action by Valve, parent company of Steam, comes after a two-year aggressive campaign by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, including the listing of Steam on the 2018 Dirty Dozen List,” the group wrote on its site. “We thank Steam for their leadership in working to change our #MeToo culture in which sexual violence in rampant and normalized.”

But according to an exposé by Katherine Cross on the gamer news site Gamasutra,the group’s reference to “#MeToo culture” is little more than a ruse by a group that is actually a conservative Christian advocacy organization formerly known as “Morality in Media.”

“NCOSE has deftly—and sickeningly—appropriated the #MeToo moment to push a right wing agenda that harms women, trying to cloak themselves in the mainstream credibility gained by the blood, sweat, and tears of actual survivors,” Cross wrote. “The organization appears to realize that its brand of religious conservatism lacks a broad base of support, thus they have to filch someone else’s. In the process, they ironically undermine the credibility of MeToo itself by tying its name to trivial matters.”