“Excuse me, when you look at Stormy Daniels … I know Donald Trump. Look at his three wives, right? Beautiful women, classy women, women of great substance. Stormy Daniels? …  I respect all human beings. I even have to respect, you know, criminals. But I’m sorry I don’t respect a porn star the way I respect a career woman or a woman of substance or a woman who has great respect for herself as a woman and as a person and isn’t going to sell her body for sexual exploitation.”

“So Stormy, you want to bring a case, let me cross examine you. Because the business you’re in entitles you to no degree of giving your credibility any weight. And secondly, explain to me how she could be damaged. I mean, she has no reputation. If you’re going to sell your body for money, you just don’t have a reputation. Maybe old-fashioned, I don’t know.” — Rudy Giuliani, June 6, 2018 in Tel Aviv

“If you’re involved in a sort of slimy business, (that) says something about you — says something about how far you’ll go to make money” — Rudy Giuliani, June 7, 2018 on CNN

Over the past two days, Rudy Giuliani, lead counsel for Donald J. Trump, has maliciously attacked the credibility of Stormy Daniels, solely on the basis of her work in the adult industry. Today, we sent him this response.

Open Letter to Rudy Giuliani regarding remarks about Stormy Daniels


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