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LOS ANGELES — Pornhub revealed today that it plans on opening the adult brand’s first interactive art installation in Los Angeles next month. “Pornhub Nation,” designed by artists Maggie West and Ryder Ripps, will exhibit a depiction of Pornhub’s futuristic, utopian society in a seven-room experience for visitors.

Once open, visitors to “Pornhub Nation” will travel from one room to another witnessing spoofed exhibits featuring various government branches and bureaucratic organizations.

“’Pornhub Nation’ imagines the world in 2069, where attention grabbing eye-candy dominates the visual landscape and a milieu where sexuality runs free,” artist Ripps said.

“As a frequent user of Pornhub’s fantastic services, both within my “art” and “personal” practices, this project has been a lot of fun and ontologically stimulating. Come for the innate desire for human procreation, stay for the infinity mirrors and ball pit.”

In addition to the seven exhibits, “Pornhub Nation” will feature photographs taken by West and Ripps of more than 20 of the top porn performers as various characters playing roles of presidents, DMV agents, aliens and ASSA scientists, among others.

“Pornhub Nation” will also feature a gift shop for visitors to purchase a medley of Pornhub products, including apparel and select gifts.