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Mistress Matisse, a Seattle-area sex educator, writer, and professional dominatrix, has been an outspoken figure in the world of kink and sex work for decades. Thus, it’s not exactly surprising that she ended up in the cannabis industry.

It’s even less surprising that her first product is a weed lube, called Velvet Swing. While weed lube—rightly touted as the first truly effective female sex aid—is nothing new, Velvet Swing is the first water-soluble version. Which kind of means it’s the first one that really qualifies for the term weed lube. Oil-based lubricants are technically not condom safe, meaning that products like Foria or Bond Sensual Oil are effectively restricted to people in monogamous partnerships.

The technology to do this is relatively new, and only a few companies are capable of it. The process is called nanoemulsion, and the company that makes her weed lube, Tarukino, is one of the first in the industry to perfect it.