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Model Mayhem touts itself as “the #1 casting website for professional models, photographers, makeup artists, stylists, designers and digital artists.”

Like every other similar sort of networking site, there are different levels for different types of artists to create a profile, upload photos, connect with other industry professionals and find work.

Except, of course, if some of your work is linked to the adult industry.

The site says right at the top of its “Rules” page that there’s no porn allowed: Do not use Model Mayhem to network for or solicit any pornographic, sexual, or imminently dangerous content or activities of any kind. Do not link to pornographic websites.

Quick perusal of images and content posted to the site shows significant ambiguity regarding what’s considered “pornographic” and “sexual,” as well as “imminently dangerous.” With many services these days, subjective and inconsistent rule application and enforcement is par for the course, so this ambiguity is not surprising or new.

What’s new about Model Mayhem’s most recent action, however, is the apparent unsaid rule that a person who works in the adult industry may not use the site for adult industry unrelated projects.

In an unrelated yet strangely similar incident, a writer from our sister site recently attempted to sign up for Model Mayhem’s mailing list. Literally, not an account. Just the mailing list for updates and “no reply”-level information from the site.

She was told via email:

Model Mayhem carries a zero tolerance policy for networking for adult content. I am afraid we may not be the right sight for your networking needs.


Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, the adult industry has always been a presence in Amber Gold’s life. At an early age, she became acutely aware that narratives often take shocking creative license when she noted there was no way Daniel LaRusso could’ve made it to the beach from Reseda (and back again) so quickly. She’s been seeking out various forms of truths ever since.

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