A person claiming to be a director with the adult studio Wasteland, and possibly other sites, has been approaching potential models in an attempt to set up auditions. He uses the profile Ayman Kad, but may use other names as well. He is not related in any way to Wasteland.

Wasteland was alerted to the potential scam by a model after Kad approached her on Facebook. His profile features numerous adult industry contacts, which may give him legitimacy in the eyes of potential performers.

We do not know if the scammer is using more than one account, or approaching models on other social media sites, or from other adult companies.

We ask all performers, as well as those seeking to work in the adult industry, to always confirm the identity of any unknown director or other solicitor by calling or emailing the company they claim to represent. Most companies have publically available profiles. If you are unable to reach the company, or are otherwise hesitant to do so, please contact Free Speech Coalition, and we can help confirm.

The Free Speech Coalition is currently working with Wasteland and investigating the profile. We encourage anyone who has been approached, or has any knowledge of this scam or others, to report potential incidents to us so that we may alert the community.

Free Speech Coalition