We were disturbed to read the complaint filed last week by four adult performers against LA Direct Models and Derek Hay. While we can not speak to the validity of any specifics of the complaint, we can say that wage theft, illegal fee schedules, retaliatory booking practices, abuse of ‘no’ lists and requiring or forcing anyone to perform sex acts are an anathema to the legal adult entertainment industry. No adult worker should be subjected to such requirements or conditions.

The complaint further alleges that adult performers working for LA Direct were pressured into working as escorts. We strongly believe in, and have been supportive of, the decriminalization of consensual sex work. Pressuring, forcing or otherwise coercing someone into sex work is unethical, reprehensible and rightfully illegal.

Sex work is real work, and sex workers deserve the same professionalism, respect, honesty and consent as any other worker. Regardless of the outcome of this complaint, Free Speech Coalition will continue to fight aggressively for the rights of all sex workers.

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