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WASHINGTON — Lawyers representing the Woodhull Freedom Foundation and other plaintiffs filed court papers today to support their motion for preliminary injunction against FOSTA.

Woodhull — along with the Human Rights Watch, the Internet Archive and two individuals, Alex Andrews and Eric Koszyk — filed a lawsuit against the federal government focusing on First and Fifth Amendments violations that come with the statute amending Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Section 230 provided companies immunity from most liability for publishing third-party content.

Since initiating the suit seeking the law’s reversal, Woodhull and other plaintiffs have said that FOSTA chills sexual speech and harms sex workers.

In a supplemental brief filed today in support of an injunction, Woodhull said that FOSTA can be interpreted to reach plaintiffs’ activities, and that the plaintiffs face a credible threat of prosecution, and that they are likely to be adversely affected by the law.

U.S. District Judge Richard Leon in Washington already has heard oral arguments over the plaintiffs’ request for injunctive relief.