A UK-based producer fraudulently implying association with Kink.com has been approaching potential models in the US, and possibly elsewhere, in an attempt to set up shoots in the UK.

The alleged producer approached at least one performer, and also their agent, claiming to be shooting scenes for Kink.com. Kink.com representatives have no relationship with the person or company. The alleged producer promised to fly the model to the UK for a scene, but was unable to adequately provide basic information as to the type of scene, or who the co-performers would be.

The elements of this fraud appear to be similar to another incident reported earlier this month.

If you have a licensed agent:

  • have them verify the booking, contacts and details

If you do not have a licensed agent:

  • only communicate with companies through official company email accounts
  • ask for references and verify them
  • get contracts and other paperwork in advance and have it vetted by an attorney
  • avoid negotiating or agreeing to shoots via sites like Whatsapp and Facebook, particularly when dealing with a new producer or agent
  • When in doubt, contact FSC

We ask all existing performers, as well as those seeking to work in the adult industry, to always confirm the identity of any unknown director, agent or other contact by calling or emailing the company they claim to represent. Most companies have publically available profiles. If you are unable to reach the company, or are otherwise hesitant to do so, please contact Free Speech Coalition, and we can help confirm.

The Free Speech Coalition is currently working to investigate this possible scam. We encourage anyone who has been approached, or has any knowledge of this scam or others, to report potential incidents to us so that we may alert the community.

Please also be aware when booking European shoots that many producers do not use the US-based PASS testing system. Always find out what safety precautions will be available to you before committing to any shoot.

Free Speech Coalition

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