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Yesterday, we came across this news in a Tweet from @fourchambered: “Heads up! Instagram has new language when it deletes your account. ‘No sexually suggestive photos. No sexually explicit language’ stay safe out there.”

Four Chambers, located within the interwebs at, is “independent, DIY, conceptual; magical realism porn.”

It is also a project that recently got its Insta disabled, as you can see from the screen grab below, that comes via Four Chambered’s Twitter account. The image keeps getting blocked because it “might [be] sensitive content”

Presumably, Four Chambered’s Insta disabling was due to the account violating a new TOS related to language. No longer is limiting sexually suggestive imagery on Insta enough. The platform has now apparently ceased to allow sexually explicit language as well.

Now, obviously what counts as sexually suggestive and/or explicit is 100 percent variable. And based on past precedent, these policies will be variably enforced. None of this is surprising though.