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Democrat Jay Inslee Says His State Is Prepared To Defend Open Internet Law In Court

Within hours of California Governor Jerry Brown signing the state’s landmark net neutrality law into effect on September 30, Donald Trump’s attorney general, Jeff Sessions, slapped the state with a lawsuit declaring the new open internet law “extreme and illegal” and asking a court to strike the law down, as reported.

But on Tuesday Washington governor Jay Inslee issued a warning to Trump, in case the DoJ brings a similar lawsuit against his state, which also enacted a state-level net neutrality law after the Federal Communications Commission tossed out a set of 2015 rules that guaranteed equal access to the internet for data from any source.

“Bring it on,” Inslee told Seattle public radio station KEXP. “If the president sues us, we’ll be ready.”

Washington state was also ready on June 11, when the FCC’s scrapping of the Obama-era open internet rules became final. The state passed its own net neutrality bill in February, after the FCC voted to repeal the regulations in December. On the night of June 11, just hours after the federal net neutrality rules expired, Washington’s own law took effect, as reported at the time.

Since then, seven other states have enacted their own versions of net neutrality regulations—but only California has been hit with a Trump administration lawsuit.