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HOLLYWOOD – Amidst the glitz and glamour of last night’s inaugural YNOT Cam Awards, adult entertainment legend Nina Hartley took the stage to deliver a brief speech to the assembled audience of models, performers and adult industry entrepreneurs.

Hartley’s remarks bore all the hallmarks of her public appearances past – by which I mean they were insightful, encouraging and sex-positive, with just a touch of delightful, determined defiance included for good measure.

Central to Hartley’s speech was a celebration of the independence and creativity afforded by adult webcamming, the continued growth of which she positioned as an ongoing revolution in the adult entertainment space.

“I’ve seen a lot of change in my 36 years in adult entertainment and the most exciting development, the one that helps the most people over the greatest geographic range, is livestreaming.,” Hartley began. “No longer are model’s jobs at the mercy of a producer’s whim; they create their own work. No longer do they need to perform another’s notion of what’s sexy; they do exactly as they please online and no more.”

Hartley also noted how camming serves to remove barriers between performer and fan, saying the “direct connection between provider and user is nothing short of revolutionary.”

“Being a model dovetails well with entrepreneurship, personal responsibility, time management, creative expression and navigating sometimes complex sexual issues, all while creating community with other models and with fans, who know a warm connection to a real person is just a few clicks away,” Hartley said.


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