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Xstumbl Promises to be the Adult Alternative to Tumblr.

NEW YORK CITY— has announced the upcoming launch of its new social network website later this month. The new site will provide a home for adult blogs removed from Tumblr following its crackdown on adult content. Xstumbl will enable users to post and share SFW and NSFW content in a customizable, creative, microblogging format as they are already familiar with using.

“Censorship is increasing across all social media platforms and it harms and silences many creative artists who are looking to express themselves or share their interests and opinions,” CEO Konrad Kunkel noted. He added that the website’s mission is to “not divide people but bring people together who may share similar interests.”

Unlike the massive tech giants who rely on algorithms to do all of the work, Xstumbl will rely on real people to ensure users are following the community guidelines while still protecting every user’s right to freedom of expression. The social network will be one few websites which will allow users to post adult content along with mainstream content throughout the website. In the meantime, visitors to the website may share their email addresses to receive updates about the forthcoming website launch.