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This year was a mixed bag for sex and sexual expression in America. Positive trends from recent years continued, like sex toy innovation and proliferation. But so did negative trends, like the rising rate of sexually transmitted infection transmissions. Many novel trends in 2018, like newfound male interest in closing the orgasm gap and greater general cultural willingness to openly discuss sexual abuse, trauma, and consent, were incredibly heartening. But this year also witnessed worrying backlash against the MeToo movement, as well as substantial new restrictions on sexual speech and activities online. This blowback and censorship could well continue into 2019. But if more progressive forces can put the kibosh on those trends, then we can (hopefully) spend next year enjoying upcoming innovations, like CBD-laced intimacy products and bespoke sex toys.

Sex Toys Continue To Innovate and Proliferate

Porn Continues To Go Mainstream

America’s Sexual Health Crisis Drags On

Men Embrace Adult Sex Education, Explore The Female Orgasm

The MeToo Movement Promotes Conversations About Accountability And Consent

Sex Robot Promises Fall Flat

Men Seek To Limit The MeToo Movement’s Potential

A New Law Imperils Sex Workers 

Digital Companies Crack Down On Sexual Speech And Activities 

MeToo Backlash And Sex Censorship Could Continue Into 2019

But Pushback On These Worrying Trends Is Possible

Also Expect Online Adult Sex Ed, CBD Lube, And 3D Printed Sex Toys In 2019


Mark Hay is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer. I usually cover sex, desire, and the businesses built around them—from porn economics to sex toy cybersecurity to prophylactic innovations, and beyond. 

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