WEST HOLLYWOOD — Free Speech Coalition, the national trade organization for the adult industry, will hold its second annual FSC Leadership Conference at XBIZ on January 17, 2019 at the Andaz Hotel. The conference brings in outside experts to address four major issues facing the industry in 2019 — banking discrimination, HIV law, the 2257 court battle, and the new age-verification regulations in the UK.

“The Leadership Conference is a way for industry leaders to directly address, question and learn from the policy makers, powerbrokers and experts whose decisions impact our lives,” says Eric Paul Leue, Executive Director of Free Speech Coalition. “We had a packed house for our premiere event last year, and we’re thrilled to be able to work with XBIZ on this once again.”

This year’s speakers will include J. Michael Murray, lead counsel in the suit against 2257 regulations; G2’s Dave Landis, who will speak on new banking and billing regulations; Lambda Legal’s Scott Schoettes, who will speak on HIV discrimination law; and Murray Perkins, of the British Board of Film Classification, who will provide updates on the UK’s new age-verification legislation finally scheduled to take effect this spring.

“Each year we bring together business leaders for meaningful conversations about critical issues facing the adult entertainment industry,” says Alec Helmy, publisher of XBIZ. “We are privileged to once again host the FSC Leadership Conference, and look forward to all the thought-provoking discussions.”

The FSC Leadership Conference begins at 10AM on January 17 at the Andaz Hotel. While the event is free to all XBIZ attendees, seating is extremely limited. FSC members get preferred seating.


Age-Verification in the UK
Murray Perkins, British Board of Film Classification
The UK age-verification rules are set to go into effect by this Easter, and the stakes are high for adult businesses that don’t comply, from outright bans to potential loss of global banking. Murray Perkins, the head of the British Board of Film Classification, will discuss the final rules as they stand, how businesses are supposed to comply, and what will happen to businesses that don’t.

Make No Mistake (Because It Could Be A Felony): The Case Against 2257 Still Matters
J. Michael Murray, Berkman, Gordon, Murray and DeVan
The adult industry secured major legal victories against 2257 in 2018 – but legal danger still remains, as the case is back in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit and may end up in the Supreme Court. J. Michael Murray, lead counsel in the case, will review the history of 2257, a federal criminal statute that carries a potential prison term of 5 years, the legal challenges mounted by the industry, the results obtained so far, and why continuing the challenge is so critically important.

Sex, HIV and Videotape: How Nondiscrimination Law Will Shape the Future of Sex Work
Scott Schoettes, Senior Attorney, Lambda Legal
HIV discrimination is illegal — and businesses that ignore this basic tenet of non-discrimination law will find themselves in hot water. What is existing law? How has it evolved and how does it apply to adult businesses? What does the law say when it comes to disclosure and consent? Lambda Legal’s Scott Schoettes will guide the group through the legal landscape, help us understand the contours of the laws as they apply to adult businesses, and offer potential solutions for the industry moving forward.

The New Landscape for Banking Compliance
Dave Landis, Senior VP of Global Sales, G2
The loss of banking access can devastate an online business, but the compliance rules for adult companies can seem vague and byzantine. Compliance expert Dave Landis will explain the newest card brand rules and BRAM (Business Risk Assessment and Mitigation) requirements, highlight vulnerabilities for adult producers, and help discuss possible solutions based on real-world examples.