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HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA — Educational organization Everyone Deserves Sex Ed (EDSE) is offering a 25-hour sex educator certification to adult industry members looking for professional development. Founded and created by Anne Hodder-Shipp, the EDSE certification promises to give industry members a foundational understanding of human sexuality – including anatomy, gender and safer sex – in order to transform their design, development and sales processes into more sex-positive experiences.

EDSE’s mission is to make accurate, unbiased and LBGTQIA+ inclusive sexuality information available to as many communities as possible. With more than a decade of experience working within the adult industry, Hodder-Shipp recognized a need for this kind of sex education training and sought out to develop a program that would help staff have more informed, inclusive and confident conversations about sex.

“Adult industry professionals talk about sex almost every day, whether it’s with a buyer, a customer service caller, or a shopper trying to pick out a new product, and saying the right (or wrong) thing can make or break the sale,” Hodder-Shipp said.

Though EDSE is headquartered in the heart of Los Angeles, Hodder-Shipp and her team can travel to companies interested in certifying five or more staff members. For more information about EDSE and its sex educator certification, please visit or email Hodder-Shipp directly at


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