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Are you in a relationship where you have sex with another person? Great. That’s nice for you, if you’re into having sex with other people. Are you a little fuzzy on how to ask said other person if they’d like to have sex with you? Here’s a refresher. You ask them. You use words — spoken, typed, sky-written — and ask your partner if they are feeling likewise horny. If they consent … then you have sex. If they don’t, then you don’t. And you move along with your life. This is not hard. Particularly if you’re in a relationship where, ostensibly, you and your partner should, hopefully, have some sort of open line of communication about things like sex.

Or, or, I guess … you could contribute to this truly insane Kickstarter for a product called LoveSyncLoveSync is a two-button system where you and your partner each place a button on your respective bedside tables. If you’re looking to bone, you tap the button. (Users can select a window of time for which the tap will be active.) If your partner has also tapped the button, your respective buttons will both light up. If only one of you has tapped, no light notification. The draw here, according to LoveSync’s insane description, is that you won’t feel the sting of rejection or embarrassment should only one of you want to bang. It is, as one of my colleagues pointed out to me, essentially an IRL version of the nut button meme.

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