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BUDAPEST, Hungary—According to a press release sent by Dan Leal of Immoral Productions, “Brill Babes, the largest agency in Europe, based in Budapest, Hungary would first and foremost like to thank the producers, agents, and talent from all over Europe for coming together during our current shutdown.

“This is the first positive HIV case in the adult industry in Europe and thus has proved to be challenging, yet something positive always happens out of something negative and we are confident the adult industry in Europe will be a much safer and better place going forward.

“In short, here is a summation of what everyone can expect going forward:

* Filming in Hungary can start again on the 14th of March.

* Tests must be from 14th of March or later.

* We have added a PCR HIV test to the full test, and our performers will not accept tests that do not have both PCR and “Generation 4 Combo” HIV tests.

* Tests are valid for 14 days, not 21. The test is valid on day 14 and expires/invalid on day 15.

* Prices of the 1st and 2nd new full tests with PCR will be €110 each, the 3rd (and consecutive) full test prices will change to €90 each.