LOS ANGELES — Free Speech Coalition, the national trade organization for the adult industries, has launched the INSPIRE Program, a performer-created resource to help provide guidance and support to newcomers to the adult industry. Developed by FSC Industry Relations Advocate  Lotus Lain, INSPIRE features information on crucial aspects of the the adult experience, such as performer rights, brand management, banking, testing, identity protection and more — using voices and experiences of real performers.

“Better informed performers are more safer and more successful performers,” says Lain. “As performers, we often share personal experiences and tips, but without a central platform, those are not easily accessible — especially to newcomers. I’m incredibly thankful to everyone who lent their voice to INSPIRE, and hope to expand it more within the coming months.”

Among those who provided advice to INSPIRE — on everything from ethical production to wardrobe to dealing with family — were Jiz Lee, Amarna Miller, Courtney Trouble, Lorelei Lee, Allie Eve Knox, Isiah Maxwell, Missy Martinez, Lena Paul, Jane Wilde, Yevgeniya, Chelsea Poe, and Kristofer Weston.

INSPIRE features links to crucial resources, from books on financial independence and articles on porn life to performer organizations, tax information, sex worker-friendly banks and lists of licensed agents.

Eric Paul Leue, the Executive Director of FSC, hopes INSPIRE will continue to grow and evolve. A new section aimed at Experienced Performers currently working in the industry is already in production.

“The INSPIRE Program is a way for us to better elevate newcomer voices within the industry,” says Leue. “We hope that this will start a conversation, make resources more available, and encourage more performers to share information to help empower and protect the community.”

To check out the INSPIRE Program, visit: https://www.freespeechcoalition.com/programs/inspire