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LOS ANGELES—xHamster Data Center has released the second installment of its 2019 Report on Digital Sexuality, focusing on the adult viewing habits of fans who self-identify as ‘very religious.’ The study was conducted over a three-day period in early 2019, and compiles over 11K responses from visitors to xHamster on issues ranging from age to political affiliation.

Nearly 65% of of the 11,000 respondents identified as religious or spiritual in some capacity, with 8.85% describing themselves as ‘very religious.’

Those who identified as very religious experienced significantly more anxiety from the content they viewed and were four times more likely than non-religious people to believe porn was “an accurate depiction of real world sex,” rather than fantasy. They were twice as likely as the general population to have gotten their sex education at home.

“Conventional wisdom had held that religious viewers were secretly heavy consumers of gay and trans content,” says Hawkins. “This turns out not to be true. Religious viewers are not necessarily hypocrites in what they consume…”

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