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We in porn are well aware of the world’s uneven policy creation and enforcement when it comes to industry-related and industry-adjacent businesses and humans.

Social media, especially Instagram, has emerged as one of the most troubling spaces — a place where a naked “influencer” is lauded and a humorous manatee (read: performer Missy Martinez) is shut down without recourse. Yesterday, Instagram upped the ante by announcing policies that will inevitably further downgrade the app’s sex worker inclusivity and usefulness.

Per TechCrunch, Instagram will now demote content it determines to be “inappropriate.” The app has “begun reducing the spread of posts that are inappropriate but do not go against Instagram’s Community Guidelines.” In other words, if a post is sexually suggestive (Who decides what counts as “sexually suggestive”?) but doesn’t depict a sex act or nudity, it can get demoted.

Instagram continued, “This type of content may not appear for the broader community in Explore or hashtag pages.”

All this leaves me wondering, yet again, why do we in the community bother with Insta at all?


Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, the adult industry has always been a presence in Amber Gold’s life. At an early age, she became acutely aware that narratives often take shocking creative license when she noted there was no way Daniel LaRusso could’ve made it to the beach from Reseda (and back again) so quickly. She’s been seeking out various forms of truths ever since.

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