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Reddit announced an update to its NSFW Advertising Policy yesterday. The policy update officially banned all ads for “adult-oriented products and services” on the site.

They wrote:

We are updating our Advertising Policy to disallow NSFW ads and targeting on Reddit. Ads for adult-oriented products and services on Reddit are no longer permissible, and Not Safe For Work (typically referred to as NSFW) subreddits will no longer be eligible for ads or targeting.

We began rolling out these changes [Monday April 15], and as of today/[Tuesday April 16], NSFW ads on Reddit will be rejected and no longer run. Additionally, NSFW subreddits will be removed from any campaign that may have targeted them previously, and campaigns will no longer accrue clicks or impressions on those subreddits. However, ads will continue to run on Safe for Work subreddits, if applicable.